Saturday, January 23, 2010

The January blah's....

Not sure what is going on with me lately but I am so blah, as much as I love the warmer weather I think I would trade it these days for some serious sunshine, even if that means bringing back the cold. January has really sucked for me lately, first off it's my birthday and well all that means these days is getting older. Secondly my favourite holiday season is over and I find it harder and harder every year to say goodbye to the Christmas season. Thirdly(is that a word??) the weather sucks, even this year when we have had such a mild January, it is so dull and miserable looking it doesn't do much for me. I am tired of having to turn the lights on by's crazy.

Other things bringing on the blahs are lack of sleep which means lack of energy, lack of energy means lack of motivation and lack of motivation means a lack of desire to move my butt off the couch, which means that that same butt is slowly expanding...sigh. Everyday I tell myself that I am going to do Wii fit once Keir is in bed, well the stinker doesn't go to bed till late late late and then I'm lucky if he stays put. So then my new plan was to do it during the day while the older boys were occupied in the playroom and Keir was napping...but guess who is refusing to nap these days....damn teething pain.

So bring on the night weaning!! I have been somewhat successfully night weaning Keir and he has for the first time since he was born having occasional stretches of 5 and 6 hours so that combined with having gone through this with Rufus tells me there is a light at then end of the tunnel. Now if only the better night time sleeping can bring about better day time sleeping.(whoever said that sleep begets sleep lied!!!)

So where am I going with this rambling? Truth be told I am not really sure, I do know though that some changes need to be made, I need to get some motivation in my life so I can feel better about myself and just all around feel better. So I started by getting off my butt and getting the boys outside to enjoy the warm(albeit gloomy) day. They played on the little hill in our front yard as I worked on making it bigger while shovelling the snow. I was thoroughly impressed with how well they all played outside today, and especially impressed with how much Keir seemed to enjoy playing out in the snow. After about an hour outside chris got home and took Keir inside and Ewan & Rufus and I continued to have fun outside building a snowman.(Thanks for the idea Teresa!!) Tomorrow we are taking the boys bowling, so maybe this can be a turning point for me...wish me luck!


  1. I am sorry you have the blauzes. I have had them up and down for the last few months. Now my kids are sleeping better but I still am waking. I wonder how long that will last. I am not as tired which gives me more motivation to get moving....but Lilah isn't the most coordinated kid so it almost isn't worth going outside. Jonah freaks getting dressed then we head outside for 15 mins and then Lilah has a fit out there about something. I feel very stuck. I so look forward to summer.

    I hope you get to your Wii Fit. I find it hard to do any exercise with the kids up and neither nap well.

    Good luck!!!!!

  2. Can you exercise with the kids in the room? There is some stuff I can do when the girls are around...they try to do it too so it's kind of fun. Finding energy at night is hard but even if you do stuff in 10 minute bursts during the day it will add up and is a good place to start.

    The winter months are so damn just gotta do what you can when you can. Even if you do the majority of exercising on the weekend when Chris can help you get more me-time, everything helps right?

    Anyway good for you for starting a program!