Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bon is looking for a new post...

So the boys great Auntie Bon is looking for new blog posts and I think that is just the kick in the pants that I need to get back into the blogging. My January Blah's are long past and it's time to have some motivation. I was quite happy to see the calender switch over form January to February and even happier to flip it over to March. March to me means the coming of spring, the coming of spring means, lovely weather, melting snow, trips to the park, splash pants instead of ski pants and the forth coming summer...all things to be happy about.

So what can I say about the past few months in the Funky Monkey boys lives. Ewan had a fun time at his Valentines party and was thrilled with all the lovely heart inspired loot he received. Rufus and I decorated cakes at the parent resource centre and he was so proud of the sweet little heart shaped cake he decorated all by himself. He absolutely loves going to the Parent resource centre and so do I, it has been a great thing for us this year, especially on those cold cold days when we just can't bare to go back outside after dropping Ewan off at school. As for Keir he just loves being anywhere I am, but he gets a kick out of the Parent resource room as well.

Ewan had a family fun day at school last week, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, and I felt terribly guilty, something I sometimes feel when I find myself divided between the 3 boys. Chris was unable to make it that day as he had a commitment at work he couldn't get out of. Keir was not feeling great and having some kind of off day, he wouldn't let me put him down and wanted to nurse the whole time, and when I wasn't dealing with him I was dealing with Rufus who had chosen that very moment to forget his listening skills. Between those two I found myself stretched very thin and unfortunately I just didn't have time to really help Ewan with the family fun projects that were scheduled. I felt just terrible as I wanted to be able to give my all to him on his special day. (apparently there is one in spring as well, so I think I may ask one of the grandmas to watch them boys so I can concentrate on enjoying Ewan and his special day. Luckily though he was just thrilled to have me there and despite having lost his bingo game he seemed to thin that the day went pretty well overall.

In other news I had to take all 3 of the boys for needles on Tuesday and though I was expecting the worse. I mean what could be better then being confined in a tiny doctor's office with 3 little boys waiting for them to get needles. They were curious and a bit rambunctious but over all it seemed to go fairly well. This experience really truly showed how different two brother's can really be. Ewan has been worked up for months about getting a needle, I mistakenly told him a few months ago that at his next doctor's appointment he would be getting a needle. Well every once in awhile he would ask about the needle and freak himself out about it, get all worried and concerned and sometimes even panicky. Well on the day of the needle he asked a million questions and talked about how scared he was and how he didn't want to go through with it, he worried about crying and screaming and basically was completely freaked out. Well when the time came he stood there, was very brave, held my hand and let them give him a needle with the courage of a lion, he didn't even balk after the first needle. Meanwhile Rufus was a completely different story. That morning he asked me if it would hurt, and when I told him yes a little he said I don't like needles and then proceeded not to worry or talk about it all all. Then when it came time to get it, even after watching Ewan do amazingly well with it and hearing him say it wasn't that bad, Rufus still freaked right out. He tried to run away, he screamed, he cried, he tried to pull away. I had to wrap both my arms and legs around him while she gave him the first needle and then practically hog tie him for the second needle...he just bawled and bawled and was shaking by the end of it. Afterwards Ewan talked about it for about 2 days and Rufus basically never mentioned it again.

Keir also had two needles and he did quite well...cried a wee bit but after about a minute was fine.

Well it's 1:45am and I need to get to bed so I will do some more updating later in the week...I

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