Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ewan's Name Banner.

Ewan's Heroscape Sugar Cookie Cake.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Me no likey puke...

I am sure I am not the only one who does not relish being puked on in the middle of the night, it is....well....GROSS. I could tell things were off with Keir yesterday as he really wasn't interested in eating anything at all(not even yogurt which should have been a huge tip off), and yet I wasn't expecting to be woken up at 2:30 in the morning to that horrible retching sound and a sweet little boy who proceeded to cover my freshly made bed and pillow and me in vomit. (Seriously does this kid have something against clean sheets? I finally got my butt in gear and changed my sheets after, well it's far to embarrassing to tell you how long it had been, and not 12 hours later they are being puked on. So I start screaming for Chris to come up and help me(apparently he was staying up late last night) and Keir continues his vomiting spree.

So Chris comes up and we change Keir's pj's and Chris takes him while I change the bedding, I put a towel down in his spot and then a blanket down to make it soft and comfy for him. At this point he is very tired and yet very restless and is rolling around and climbing on me and trying to get comfy, which makes for a very very awake mama. So finally he falls asleep and I suppose I do as well as the next thing I know I'm waking up to retching again. I quickly grab Keir and hold a blanket under his mouth as he continues to vomit up the remaining contents of his stomach, all over the blanket I'm holding, our quilt and his second pair of pj's. So off the pj's come, new ones placed on him, a new blanket over the towel, a new quilt to cover us with and once again we attempt to go to sleep. This time he wants to nurse, which I am a bit reluctant to do because I know it means more vomit in the hours to come, but at the same time I want to keep him happy and hydrated, so we both fall asleep with him at the breast.

Ding Ding Ding...Round 3...once again I'm woken up to the retching and I wake Chris up to hand me a towel(from the stack of towels, blankets and pj's he has placed beside the bed). Once again he has managed to cover a blanket, towel and his pj's, luckily he has missed all of the bedding so it's an easy change at this point. So we change him into his 3rd pair of pj's and Chris takes all the offending pieces of clothing and blanket off to the tub which is rapidly filling up with the vomit covered articles, and we all attempt to go back to sleep.

Round 4, awoken to retching, this time with a pounding headache(i need sleep). This time the vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea, lovely!! So we lay a blanket down on the bed to change him and now his clothes are covered in vomit and poop...poop which is up his back, down his legs and all over his stomach...ugh. So once again new jammies...4th pair I think. This time I tell Chris he has to take some of this stuff down to the washer and put a load in cuz I can't face all this in the morning with no sleep and a sick baby.

Round 5, move vomit, more pj's, and a clock that says it's almost time to get up...sigh.

Morning time, how exciting, Chris is able to stay home a bit late and take Ewan so that is one less worry, I am so tired my head is pounding despite the middle of the night Tylenol. So I'm up for lots and lots of coffee. Mom comes over to watch the boys while I go to get Ewan and basically I spend the rest of the day nursing a very very sad little boy....sleepy...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bon is looking for a new post...

So the boys great Auntie Bon is looking for new blog posts and I think that is just the kick in the pants that I need to get back into the blogging. My January Blah's are long past and it's time to have some motivation. I was quite happy to see the calender switch over form January to February and even happier to flip it over to March. March to me means the coming of spring, the coming of spring means, lovely weather, melting snow, trips to the park, splash pants instead of ski pants and the forth coming summer...all things to be happy about.

So what can I say about the past few months in the Funky Monkey boys lives. Ewan had a fun time at his Valentines party and was thrilled with all the lovely heart inspired loot he received. Rufus and I decorated cakes at the parent resource centre and he was so proud of the sweet little heart shaped cake he decorated all by himself. He absolutely loves going to the Parent resource centre and so do I, it has been a great thing for us this year, especially on those cold cold days when we just can't bare to go back outside after dropping Ewan off at school. As for Keir he just loves being anywhere I am, but he gets a kick out of the Parent resource room as well.

Ewan had a family fun day at school last week, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, and I felt terribly guilty, something I sometimes feel when I find myself divided between the 3 boys. Chris was unable to make it that day as he had a commitment at work he couldn't get out of. Keir was not feeling great and having some kind of off day, he wouldn't let me put him down and wanted to nurse the whole time, and when I wasn't dealing with him I was dealing with Rufus who had chosen that very moment to forget his listening skills. Between those two I found myself stretched very thin and unfortunately I just didn't have time to really help Ewan with the family fun projects that were scheduled. I felt just terrible as I wanted to be able to give my all to him on his special day. (apparently there is one in spring as well, so I think I may ask one of the grandmas to watch them boys so I can concentrate on enjoying Ewan and his special day. Luckily though he was just thrilled to have me there and despite having lost his bingo game he seemed to thin that the day went pretty well overall.

In other news I had to take all 3 of the boys for needles on Tuesday and though I was expecting the worse. I mean what could be better then being confined in a tiny doctor's office with 3 little boys waiting for them to get needles. They were curious and a bit rambunctious but over all it seemed to go fairly well. This experience really truly showed how different two brother's can really be. Ewan has been worked up for months about getting a needle, I mistakenly told him a few months ago that at his next doctor's appointment he would be getting a needle. Well every once in awhile he would ask about the needle and freak himself out about it, get all worried and concerned and sometimes even panicky. Well on the day of the needle he asked a million questions and talked about how scared he was and how he didn't want to go through with it, he worried about crying and screaming and basically was completely freaked out. Well when the time came he stood there, was very brave, held my hand and let them give him a needle with the courage of a lion, he didn't even balk after the first needle. Meanwhile Rufus was a completely different story. That morning he asked me if it would hurt, and when I told him yes a little he said I don't like needles and then proceeded not to worry or talk about it all all. Then when it came time to get it, even after watching Ewan do amazingly well with it and hearing him say it wasn't that bad, Rufus still freaked right out. He tried to run away, he screamed, he cried, he tried to pull away. I had to wrap both my arms and legs around him while she gave him the first needle and then practically hog tie him for the second needle...he just bawled and bawled and was shaking by the end of it. Afterwards Ewan talked about it for about 2 days and Rufus basically never mentioned it again.

Keir also had two needles and he did quite well...cried a wee bit but after about a minute was fine.

Well it's 1:45am and I need to get to bed so I will do some more updating later in the week...I

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The January blah's....

Not sure what is going on with me lately but I am so blah, as much as I love the warmer weather I think I would trade it these days for some serious sunshine, even if that means bringing back the cold. January has really sucked for me lately, first off it's my birthday and well all that means these days is getting older. Secondly my favourite holiday season is over and I find it harder and harder every year to say goodbye to the Christmas season. Thirdly(is that a word??) the weather sucks, even this year when we have had such a mild January, it is so dull and miserable looking it doesn't do much for me. I am tired of having to turn the lights on by's crazy.

Other things bringing on the blahs are lack of sleep which means lack of energy, lack of energy means lack of motivation and lack of motivation means a lack of desire to move my butt off the couch, which means that that same butt is slowly expanding...sigh. Everyday I tell myself that I am going to do Wii fit once Keir is in bed, well the stinker doesn't go to bed till late late late and then I'm lucky if he stays put. So then my new plan was to do it during the day while the older boys were occupied in the playroom and Keir was napping...but guess who is refusing to nap these days....damn teething pain.

So bring on the night weaning!! I have been somewhat successfully night weaning Keir and he has for the first time since he was born having occasional stretches of 5 and 6 hours so that combined with having gone through this with Rufus tells me there is a light at then end of the tunnel. Now if only the better night time sleeping can bring about better day time sleeping.(whoever said that sleep begets sleep lied!!!)

So where am I going with this rambling? Truth be told I am not really sure, I do know though that some changes need to be made, I need to get some motivation in my life so I can feel better about myself and just all around feel better. So I started by getting off my butt and getting the boys outside to enjoy the warm(albeit gloomy) day. They played on the little hill in our front yard as I worked on making it bigger while shovelling the snow. I was thoroughly impressed with how well they all played outside today, and especially impressed with how much Keir seemed to enjoy playing out in the snow. After about an hour outside chris got home and took Keir inside and Ewan & Rufus and I continued to have fun outside building a snowman.(Thanks for the idea Teresa!!) Tomorrow we are taking the boys bowling, so maybe this can be a turning point for me...wish me luck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And so it Fades away...

The holiday season was whirlwind of activity, happiness, late nights and good people. We tried to enjoy the season to the best of our ability with lots of activities to bring in the Christmas spirit, which was bountiful in this household. With kids decking the halls(which meant a little less decking their brothers, Santa was watching you know) and parents frantically making sure the magic of Santa remained alive and well. We visited with family and friends, we ate more chocolate and less vegetables then the rest of the year, and imbibed a little too much some days(Chris and I not the kids...not yet at least I can hold them back a few For the most part the kids were gracious for their presents and with the presence of others in their lives(there was the odd tear and disappointment but not so much that a hug and quick word couldn't heal the wound).

So now we say good bye to that most joyous of seasons, the tree came down on the first and yesterday I removed all other traces of the Christmas season from our home, hopefully though it will remain in our hearts for the months to come. Rufus Cried at the loss of the tree and hid a bag of Christmas peek a blocks in the hopes that it could remain around a little longer, ( I let it go and he brought it back last night). He said to me "mommy I think Christmas should always live at our house", sometimes I do to kiddo, but then I remember that it's because it is but a brief time that we love it so, too much of a good thing and all.

Now we move on to new things, a new year, a new season. In a few days I will turn 35, the boys will start swimming lessons and life will go on, and remember it's only 184 days until Folk Fest.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago today Chris and I got Married and it's been a wild and wonderful ride ever since. There have been many ups and many downs and many many changes along the way. In the past 7 years we have both started new careers, we have had 3 beautiful sons and we have bought our first home, so needless to say it has been a journey. It is a journey I couldn't imagine taking with anyone else. So today we will celebrate this journey we are on and the love we share. I am very blessed to be loved by such a wonderful man. I love you Chris Rigaux...with all my heart and soul!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the season of falling trees...fall la la la la la the falling tree

Up until today I thought I LOVED real Christmas tree's...but what I think I have finally come to realize is that I love the IDEA of real Christmas trees. Don't get me wrong, I do love how they smell, I love that they change from year to year, I love how they look( I don't care how beautiful a fake tree is it will never quite compare to a real one). I don't even mind the watering, or the falling needles. So, you ask, if you have all this love, why the disillusionment???


It never fails, every year our tree falls over, or almost falls over or threatens to fall over, and this year is no exception...sigh.

I was sitting on the couch right beside the tree editing my google calender on the laptop, when all of a sudden I see out of the corner of my eye, my tree slowly tipping over. Well I jump into action(to the dismay of my poor laptop who made quick friends with the floor...oy)grabbed the tree and then......exactly...WTF do I do now?? Chris is at work, my mom who had called about 10 min. earlier to tell me she was going out was obviously not around to come and help, and well Ewan and Rufus despite their good intentions were far more hindrance then help(thankfully Keir was in his crib asleep, and you guessed it, he did not remain so as the chaos continued).

Ok So here I am holding my tree up, freaking out(that is putting it mildly), yelling at the kids to stop playing with the falling ornaments and branches, telling them over and over again that no they can not help me....and, get this what do I say next? (Mommy of the year award goes to Maggie Cox!!! NOT!!) "If you don't stop touching the freaking tree and leave me alone there will be NO CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!!!" (well done Maggie!!...yeah I will take a few pats on the back now).

Oh yeah back to what to do with the tree...

So here I am standing here holding this tree....racking my brain about how I am going to fix this little problem. So I pull over the rolling table and figure maybe I can rest it against that, well that isn't going to happen since the base wont bend and if I tip it over the tree will come right out and there will be water everywhere. So then I try and lean it against the go there either.

So what do I hear whispering in my head, Chris saying we should have tied the tree up, I told you we should have tied the tree up...yeah yeah ok already!! So how the Fuck do I tie this tree up by myself, While holding the tree and no string handy???

So I tell Ewan to get this little Christmas box on my bakers rack(it is where I stashed the string that was used to tie the tree up when we got it) I pull it out and cleverly(after many many tries, and many many unpleasant words, manage to tie it around the bracket holding the book shelf to the wall. So then my tree is standing...very crookedly but standing. So while keeping my fingers crossed that my tree wont fall I run down and get the drill so I can put a screw in the other side of the wall so I can add more string to straighten the damn thing out...well the screw was a PITA to go in let me tell you...I left an unpleasant hole in the wall(I will deal with that after Christmas), but I did manage to get it in and tied the tree to that side as well.

So now my tree is standing straight and I go to check on the base(the bane of my existence) two of the pins are not even in the trunk at this point(I swear they were when we put the tree up, we even had my dad come over to double check it, because we have a history with the falling tree). It was in, it was straight it was why were two of the pins now out of the tree??? So I manage to get the third one out....lift the tree up(by myself I might add...while decorated and lit) and move it to the center of the stand and put the pins back in...with the help of my handy hammer. I step away covered in sap and needles to check out my handy work and low and behold that damn thing is actually straight!!!

Now on to deal with 2 very upset bigger boys and one screaming baby in his a shower to deal with the sap...sigh

If this fucker falls I am so done with Christmas....well at least Christmas trees!!! Well at least real Christmas trees!!! Well at the very least I'm buying a new stand!!!